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Meet our talented team of tattoo artists at Dreamworx Ink. Based in Woodbridge, our artists have been creating masterpieces for years, sending people off with quality designs they can show off for years to come. Whether it’s a personal, sentimental tattoo for a loved one, or an image from your favourite movie or TV show, our artists have the experience and the skill to give you exactly what you want. 

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Lu P.

Lu P.

Luisa has been in love with different art mediums her entire life. She has completed two B.A. degrees; one at York University in German History and another B.A at The Ontario College of Art & Design in painting and drawing. After university Luisa took on a successful stint on the radio station The Edge 102.1 FM with close connections to the gay and lesbian community. Lu transitioned her love of art by plugging it into her passion for tattooing.

Lu is also an accomplished painter which Dreamworx Ink proudly displays her artwork throughout the studio. Her tattoo style is extremely new age as she enjoys creating pieces based on her first passion, painting. She strives for clean, minimal designs that express themselves through colour and movement. She is currently focussing on large scale trash polka, high contrast black and grey and avant garde pieces.

Lu’s advice to a first time tattoo clients is this: “Be creative, innovative and original. There are pieces that translate and flow better through new, innovative styles and when you are open and trust your artist, beautiful art can be created.” Her artwork can be viewed below.

Mike L.

Mike L.

Michael was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and has been tattooing for 10+ years. His calm, patient demeanour stems from a multicultural background blending the arts and passion of Argentina with the silky smooth Trinidadian way of life. Specializing in true realism both in greyscale and colour, Mike utilizes his strong grasp of Photoshop to adapt to and accommodate even the most particular of clients. Adjectives that are commonly used when Mike’s clients describe him include “amazing work ethic, kind, receptive” and most importantly “extremely focussed and talented!”

His portfolio is quite extensive featuring full colour sleeves highlighting his great attention to detail. His pieces are executed with precision allowing for smooth application and flow. He specializes in colour work, portraiture, and more. A sample of his portfolio is below.


Alex B.

Alex B. is one of those people that just love art. He started off working with family in the construction industry where he really put his work ethic and attention to detail to the test. Alex has always loved any art form, from your classic pencil to paper all the way to his love of music he knew that the arts were definitely his passion.

Alex really brought his art to life when he started here as an apprentice. Hundreds of hours spent drawing hundreds of different images all before he ever picked up a machine. After about 6 months of straight refining his drawings and performing all tasks required he was finally ready to pick-up a machine, this is where his work ethic shined. Task after task Alex kept his head down and performed every task as if it were the most important thing in the world.

Now through all that work Alex is now a resident artist here at Dreamworx performing all fine line and making waves as one of the best line work artists available. He takes pride in providing the best service all around, from making sure the client gets an amazing, clean, crisp, tattoo to providing the best customer service imaginable.

Bear T.

Bear T.

Bear was drawing before he could write and hasn't put down a pencil since. At a very young age he grew a passionate interest for the art of tattooing. After watching family and friends come home with new piece after new piece he began studying this craft and was instantly drawn to being capable to mark someone with not only a tattoo but a true piece of his art. He began learning the in’s and outs of how tattooing worked, the history behind it and everything surrounding the practice of body art and modification

"I am truly blessed to say that Dreamworx has been home to me for many years as I have spent countless hours watching and learning from some of the best in the city. Working with such a strong team has changed the way that I think about tattooing immensely. They have played such a big role in the continuous improvement of my work and continue to push me to better myself.

I can truthfully say that I have the greatest job in the world and look forward to sharing that passion with you."


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