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Meet our talented team of tattoo artists at Dreamworx Ink. Based in Woodbridge, our artists have been creating masterpieces for years, sending people off with quality designs they can show off for years to come. Whether it’s a personal, sentimental tattoo for a loved one, or an image from your favourite movie or TV show, our artists have the experience and the skill to give you exactly what you want. 

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Lu P.

Luisa has been in love with different art mediums her entire life. She has completed two B.A. degrees; one at York University in German History and another B.A at The Ontario College of Art & Design in painting and drawing. After university Luisa took on a successful stint on the radio station The Edge 102.1 FM with close connections to the gay and lesbian community. Lu transitioned her love of art by plugging it into her passion for tattooing.

Lu is also an accomplished painter which Dreamworx Ink proudly displays her artwork throughout the studio. Her tattoo style is extremely new age as she enjoys creating pieces based on her first passion, painting. She strives for clean, minimal designs that express themselves through colour and movement. She is currently focussing on large scale trash polka, high contrast black and grey and avant garde pieces.

Lu’s advice to a first time tattoo clients is this: “Be creative, innovative and original. There are pieces that translate and flow better through new, innovative styles and when you are open and trust your artist, beautiful art can be created.” Her artwork can be viewed below.

Nina D.

Nina comes to us as the greyscale artist of the Dreamworx team, carrying an adept skill for realism, and an appreciation for dark imagery. Her preferred medium started as pencil drawings – creating images at such a high caliber of realism, many have mistaken them for real-life photographs. Coming from a culture that typically frowns upon this ‘taboo’ art form, Nina has always found beauty in tattoos. She wanted a career where she could express her natural artistic talent collaboratively with her clients, and create deep, meaningful pieces. When asked which of her pieces were her favourite, she responded by saying that every piece she shares with someone is a part of her growing experience – all of which make her better. She enjoys tattooing in both grayscale and color, and has a deep interest in dark, creepy imagery. Her artwork can be viewed below.

Mike L.

Michael was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and has been tattooing for 5+ years. His calm, patient demeanour stems from a multicultural background blending the arts and passion of Argentina with the silky smooth Trinidadian way of life. Specializing in true realism both in greyscale and colour, Mike utilizes his strong grasp of Photoshop to adapt to and accommodate even the most particular of clients. Adjectives that are commonly used when Mike’s clients describe him include “amazing work ethic, kind, receptive” and most importantly “extremely focussed and talented!”

His portfolio is quite extensive featuring full colour sleeves highlighting his great attention to detail. His pieces are executed with precision allowing for smooth application and flow. He specializes in colour work and portraiture. A sample of his portfolio is below.

Ivana M.

Having been with the studio for several years as a professional piercer, Ivana has recently re-awakened a love for drawing that has remained dormant for the last ten years. Growing up in a strict household, Ivana spent her entire childhood drawing, and experimenting with oil pastels and oil paints. She spent her summers drawing what she saw around her, inadvertently deeply studying the minute details of what makes up everything that she saw around her, and using a reductionistic approach in execution.

Taking up an undergraduate degree in Psychology at York University, her intrigue into the mechanisms that create functioning promoted a more unhinged perspective into the analysis of people, emotions, perceptions, and ultimately an unencumbered contemplation of things as they truly are. This perspective translates into Ivana’s art as she cannot help but critically analyze every detail and component of what she is working on. She delves into an unlocked world residing within the dark side of the psyche; exposing the raw and uncomfortable, as well as the interaction of contending extremes.

Ivana prefers working on greyscale realism, and intends to hone her uncanny eye for detail to master hyper-detailed realism, and dark surrealism. She also enjoys combining realism with geometric, fine-line components.

Her work can be viewed below.

Francis H.

Francis is meant for nothing else but tattooing. Her passion and dedication for the craft shows in all of her work from the smallest wrist tattoo to large and challenging pieces. Francis studied art at the University of Toronto, Sheridan College and University of Glasgow. In total she’s spent 10 years immersed in her artistic practice.

Francis works primarily in black and grey. Her focus is on realism and dot-work. Her favourite subjects to tattoo are faces, female figures, animals and anything to do with antiquity. She has an eye for detail, a large compassionate heart and believes every tattoo is sacred and intimate. A sample of her portfolio is available below.

Dexter J.

Dexter was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. He has always had a passion for art originally focussing his skills in graffiti and urban design. As a teen, his craft became a way for him to escape and stay out of trouble until 2012 when he picked up his first tattoo machine and hasn’t put one down since. Dexter’s talent brought him to Dreamworx Ink where he continues to grow as an artist. He is a welcoming addition bringing patience and a fresh outlook on tattooing to the studio.

He is currently focussing his skills in the area of crisp fine line work and micro detailing. He continues to hone his skills in black and grey imagery with minimal colour application. A sample of his portfolio is available below.

Bear T.

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