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Dreamworx Ink was not created for quick flash art to be tattooed on the skin. We believe in slowing down the process and creating a custom piece that contours our clients’ bodies. Mastering drawings to the point of perfection takes time. Due to the high volume of clients and demand of our artists, Dreamworx Ink will not book appointments over the phone.

The procedure goes as follows for getting a tattoo designed and scheduled:

Come In for a Consult

Although this industry is extremely time sensitive, Dreamworx Ink will provide a free consult with our designers and tattoo artists.

Open Up a File

When we open a file for you, a deposit is required. This deposit will come off of the final cost of your tattoo. Files are placed in priority sequence on a first come first serve basis.

We will schedule a date for your tattoo. A sketch will be developed and approved by you.

3 BUSINESS DAYS notice is needed for a cancellation.
Deposits will be lost if this protocol is not met.

Please respect the time of your artist and the studio as this industry is again, extremely time sensitive.

Age and Waivers

Body modifications are beautiful, but it’s important to remember that tattooing your body is a permanent decision that will stay with you forever. Even though piercings can be removed, it is possible that the piercing area may scar and never fully recover even years after the jewelry is removed. Due to the permanent nature of the procedures performed at Dreamworx Ink, we:

  • Do not tattoo patrons under 18 years of age without parental consent

  • Do not pierce patrons under 16 years of age without parental consent

To ensure your safety and our compliance with industry regulations, we require all patrons to sign a waiver and to present identification before any tattoo or piercing takes place.

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