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The permanency of an unwanted tattoo is no more, and we vow to redefine the perpetual essence of body art—especially for those who no longer identify with their artwork. Studies show that 50% of people regret ever getting a tattoo, 17% of those with tattoos have considered getting the tattoo removed, and 5% have had a tattoo covered. Reasons will seemingly vary from rueful memories to sporadic lapses in judgment; yet whatever the reason may be, we now offer more possibilities than ever before.

Dreamworx Ink is proud to provide professional and affordable laser tattoo removal treatments conducted by a Certified Laser Technician, in addition to being one of the only shops in the GTA to use the state-of-the-art Quanta Q plus C. It is the only laser to offer 3 different wavelengths to effectively remove even the most stubborn of pigments found in tattoo inks—such as reds, blues, and greens. Quanta laser systems are built to be the finest and technically advanced system in the world, and are used extensively in a plethora of different practices. In 2016, NASA and the European Space Agency will take Quanta lasers to Mars in one the most anticipated missions of the coming decade.

These are but a mere few reasons why we chose to introduce the Quanta laser system.

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Not only do we provide full tattoo removal, we can also partially remove a specific section or simply lighten your existing work with a few sessions, thereby opening the doors to a world of cover-up options. As we all know, cover-ups do need to be substantial in size, and sometimes require the cover-up image to be dark in tone. However, by lightening an existing piece, no longer are you bound by what currently exists; allowing yourself the option to create a new piece overtop that you now truly identify with, and effectively masking the old and obsolete.

Pain is subjective; meaning this may hurt you, or contrarily it may not. For your comfort, we also use a Cryo 6 cooler in the removal process—just another way we aim to make each session as comfortable for you as possible. Give us a call to book a free consult, and find out what we can do for you!

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